Born in İstanbul in 1978, Olça Tansuk graduated from İzmir Buca Anadolu Fine Arts High School and subsequently from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty, Ceramics-Glass Department in 2004.

Group and solo exhibitions have ranged from painting, to mosaics and glass work.

She opened her studio in Kaş, on the Turkish Lycian coast, in 2014. Here she devotes her time to creating her works as well as teaching adults and children. Her welcoming nature allows other artists and people to flourish in the community.

She contributes in many workshops such as, art festivals and exhibitions taking place in Istanbul, Germany, India, France and Greece. In Taksuk’s spare time, she loves to involve herself in a variety of contemporary dance workshops and festivals, all within the framework of creative expression.

Tansuk continues to organise music and art festivals, individual and group exhibitions. She welcomes the opportunity to collaborate in future exhibitions in Turkey and overseas.

An artist’s only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection, and on his own terms, not anyone else’s.

GJ. D. Salinger


1978 Born in Istanbul.

1996 Completed her studies at İzmir Buca Fine Arts High School.

1997 Marmara University Atatürk Education Faculty – Art Dept. Istanbul.

1999 Art Instructore at Üsküdar American College Summer School.

2000 Vitro-mosaic tables installation for Erdal Dekor showroom, Istanbul.

2001 Concert venue design for Dulcinea, Istanbul.

2001 Design and installation of artistic lighted panel for Alpha Klinik, Munich Germany.

2002 Design of concert venue for Babylon, Istanbul.

2002 Graduated from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Vitro-Ceramic Dept.

2002 Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture, State Fine Arts Museum Art – Sculpture Ceramic Contest Exhibition.

2002 Starting to work with Çatı Contemporary Dance Studio/ under workshops programmes.

2003 Etiler OWO Workshops, Istanbul: Mosaic Instructor under the auspices of Creative Workshops Activities.

2003 Co-founder, of Artisterik Workshop, founded for the purpose of developing designs in a variety of media as well as dance and theatre,painting, glass,mosaics, sculptures.

2003 First Exhibition of Artisterik ( 1stanbul of artisterik) at Enginar, Galata, İstanbul.

2003 Dulcinea / March For The World Women Week, ‘5 Woman 200 Faces’ common project with Arkın Allen & Artisterik performance.

2003 May-June International Tünel Art Festival, ‘artisterik’ as organized the Art week.

2003 15 August-10 September, ‘Kunst im Kiez’ Exhibition and Art Workshops in Art Festival, Berlin in Germany.

2004 July Mosaic Art Workshop, Kun Meditation Centre, Bodrum,Turkey.

2004 – 2006 Glass designer with fusion technique for Özlem Kristal Glass Factory, Istanbul.

2005 January, ‘Ay.Ay.Aşk’ Exhibition by artisterik 5th Project, Galata, Istanbul.

2005 October, ‘Surface’ Solo Exhibition, Haluk Elbe Art Galery, Bodrum, Turkey.

2005 December, ‘I’m Glazeless Don’t Look’ Solo Exhibition ,Koyu Kahve Art Café, Istanbul.

2005 – 2008 Arts Instructore at Usküdar American College School, Istanbul.

2006 – 2008 June, to attending for the Transit Dance Festival.

2006 – 2008 Mosaic Art Instructore Workshops, Istanbul Bilgi University.

2006 October, Galata Perform Organization, Visibility Project-2.

2007 March, Exhibition, Mayadrom Sports Centre Etiler, Istanbul.

2008 February, ‘Joy Of Heart’ Art Festival, Exhibition and Workshops in Auroville, working with children with 'awareness through the body' in Transition School, India.

2008 August, ‘Open Art Recidensy’ Art Program, Eretria island, Greece.

2008 December, Self Exhibition, Galery Artist Çukurcuma, İstanbul.

2009 February, Glass Exbition, Galeri 5, İstanbul.

2009 – 2011 Art and Creative Atelier; As an art Instructore Education Programme with children under the concept of art activitys of Elim Sende Assosiation for Taksim Primary School, sponsored by Galata A.Ş.

2009 June, International Art Mix Exhibition and Workshops for children in Capadokia, Turkey.

2009 Contemporary Glass Exhibition Galeri 5, Istanbul.

2009 ‘Âllelulia’ Mirror and Mosaic Exhition, Mulhouse, France.

2010 ‘Cin İşi Peri İsi’ Mix Exhibition with Ayşe Domeniconi, Galery Artist Çukurcuma, Istanbul.

2010 Republic Artist Mix Exhibition, Piha Collective Art Galery in Moda, Istanbul.

2011 Ceramic, Sculpture and Glass Mix Exhibition, UKSSA International Knidos Culture and Art Academy in Datça, Turkey.

2014 Kalkan Culture House, solo Exhibition in Kalkan, Turkey.

2015 Kaş Culture House, Republic Mix Exhibiton Kaş, Turkey.

2017 Kalkan Culture House, Painting Solo Exhibition in Kalkan.

2019 – 2021 ‘Mediterranean Blue and the Lycian Sun’ organized mix exhibition with inside the Music and Art Festival ‘Sete Sóis Sete Luas’ together with the team of Kaş Tourism Assosiation and with the support of Kaş Minucipality, Turkey.

2019 Solo Exhibition ‘Visual Expressions’ invited with the Music and Art Festival ‘Sete Sois Sete Luas‘ in Ponte de Sor, Portugal.