CREATIVE ARTS WORKSHOP FOR CHILDREN This workshop aims for the personal development of children through various art disciplines by triggering their creative power and energy in a free environment.  With the usage of different techniques and recyclable materials such as waste papers, children will be guided into create three-dimensional works like sculpture, painting, printmarking, photography

The eyes of Belkis looking at us from Zeugma to the lives of apostles worked up on the walls of Hagia Sofia, have all reached to the people of today, through the art of mosaic.  Mosaic is created by designing stones with a combination of materials like; glass, natural stone and gravels and it is

MANDALA PROMOTION AND PRODUCTION STUDIO / KIDS, ADULTS OR FOR PARENTS-CHILDREN “Eye is the first circle and the horizon of it is the second circle: and this first shape repeats itself infinitively everywhere in the nature. Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1950). Although the mandala has a certain structure, the mandala has its own numeric and visual