The eyes of Belkis looking at us from Zeugma to the lives of apostles worked up on the walls of Hagia Sofia, have all reached to the people of today, through the art of mosaic. 

Mosaic is created by designing stones with a combination of materials like; glass, natural stone and gravels and it is mainly consisted of a combination of natural stones like marble and travertine. 

Mosaic, can be used in the interiors such as: vases, mirrors, flooring, dining table, coffe table, charts, bathroom, etc. And it can also be used in the venues outside such as in the: landscape garden, tarrace, balcony, wall borders, floor tile and swimming pool plate.

Self expression, Transform your ideas into your own designs, Glass cutting techniques with tools, Sendblasting technique working with mirrors Stone and tiles mosaic applications, A journey starting from Anatolia and through Hunderwasser and Gaudi,

Glass Mosaic (candlesticks, lamp ve mosaic painting)

The work that we use in this workshop is to apply colorful glass pieces on different forms like glass, wood, vase and glass cup. In the same time we will learn glass cutting techiques.

Beside colorful glasses, we will find the creative expression with materials like seashells and stones which nature serves us. 

We will complete our work to use material called “joint filler” which protect the designed object’s stability and permanency. 

We have art in order not to die of the truth.

Friedrich Nietzsche