“Eye is the first circle and the horizon of it is the second circle: and this first shape repeats itself infinitively everywhere in the nature. Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1950).

Although the mandala has a certain structure, the mandala has its own numeric and visual language. Each basic element of a mandala, there is a central point which is called the Bindu . The Center point (Bindu) is the expansion from the center and a circular outer limit.

If we open our eyes and our hearts, we can see numerous mandalas in the infinite richness of nature, flowers, trees, fruits, and skies, the structure of birds’ nests, spiders’ amazing networks and micro-cellular structure of the cosmos, the crystals, the molecules latch structures, in countless ways and continuous innovation.

The basic form of life, can be found in the smallest building blocks and the atom .The entire universe, is providing a giant mandala that is not sufficiently discovered yet.

Workshop duration is for 2 – 2.5 hours. Taking advantage of the first half-hour we will have a slide show of Leonardo da Vinci drawings and Gothic Architecture in which we will encounter and examine the Mandalas within each examples.

We will take a trip on the unique forms of Mandala from seeing examples of the traditional ancient rituals in India like in “kolam” an “Ranguli” , including Tibetan Buddhist works to the 14th Century Ottoman Empire’s felicity knots to the ancient symbols of Anatolia.

In the second stage, during the remaining time participants can colorize and paint the mandala of their choice by selecting from various forms.

About Drawing: During the duration of drawing we live the geometry that represents ourselves and we give our attention from outside to inside by directing the page to the one that is observing it, we see the point as something that symbolizes our own center.

When you create a point on the paper, see it as a profound awareness center to mobilize and expand the universe around you.

Then look into your self, silence all the voices and look at the call center that corresponds to it, in you.

 The eye is the first circle; the horizon which it forms is the second; and thoughout nature this primary figure is repeated without end.

Ralph Waldo Emerson